Curtain rods

Understated aluminium or metal rods with grooves, stainless steel, copper, chrome-plated, matte and brushed finish rods, classical style, forged from iron or bronze, etc. Our partners are manufacturers of curtain rods Nya Nordiska, Interstil, Silent Gliss, Prade, Forest.

We can also offer curtain rods for complex interior design solutions, i.e. custom curtain rods consisting of several modules. For those who like multifunctional things, we have Nya Nordiska innovative modular systems where a curtain rod can have many functions – it can hold some end fabric panels or, for instance, framed photos.

To all those interested in the smart house concept, we can recommend electric curtain mechanism Forest, which can be operated from a remote control unit, switch or touch system.  

Delivery time for the most complex curtain rod models is from 2 weeks to 1 month.


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