Carpets and soft floor coverings

High quality carpets and soft floor coverings are offered in a variety of styles, from historical replica collections and oriental motifs to modern designs. In 2001 Sacho created its first high value carpet collection (the collection was made together with Floor to Heaver). Among our unique offers are Pierre Frey and Braquenié newly created carpet collections based on the original drawings from historical archives, from Renaissance, times of Louis XIII, XIV and XV of France, Empire style to more recent Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

High quality materials – pure cotton, natural silk, viscose, sisal, as well as synthetic materials, etc. So-called hand tufted, hand knotted and Wilton quality carpets. You can order special carpeting for stairs and any custom size carpets, which will be cut to size with edges lined.

The delivery time for the carpets and soft floor coverings is 2–4 weeks or 3–8 months for the exclusive handmade rugs.


SIA “Ticians” Stabu street 47, Riga, Latvia (+371) 67292126